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24/7 Sourcing Support

Vanator offers 24/7 sourcing support, wherein our team is able to overcome global time barriers and provide round-the-clock services to all our clients. Our time-ahead resourcing enables us to put the right resumes on your table by the time its daylight for you. The Vanator team selects candidates based on the specifics of the industry, and our exhaustive resources ease the whole process of sourcing and finding the perfect candidate for you.

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Vanator recruiters are equipped with the necessary tools to enhance your access to talent and increase your productivity: job boards, an extensive internal database, and AI-based recruiting technology that allows them to discover well-fitting candidates not only from those sources but from professional websites, social databases and more. They are experienced in working with recruitment and ATS software including Bullhorn, JobDiva, PeopleSoft, PCRecruiter and more. We source faster and better than the competition, striving to improve your time-to-fill and quality-of-hire while allowing you to handle higher volume.

Screening Support

Withholding years of experience as well as in-depth knowledge and understanding of the recruiting process, our expert recruiters aid clients in various administrative and training procedures required during the entire process of recruiting at low costs. After an extensive screening process, we check in with clients to discuss availability and active requirements. Only after a successful shortlist program, they are chosen to be enlisted as active and potential candidates.

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The capabilities of our recruiters are complemented by data-driven technology that understands concepts better than what can be described through simple keywords and offers intelligent rankings of profiles without human bias. We are able to use the insights that it gathers to evaluate candidate profiles more completely. Our recruiters learn more about candidates’ personalities and workplace experiences, and focus on pursuing those who are interested and ready for new opportunities.

Recruiting Support

Vanator Recruiting Support possess years of full-cycle recruiting experience for positions in various industries. We ensure that all clients are able to interview and select individuals to work with who are up to their standards. Our recruiters truly perform as extensions of our clients’ on-site teams, representing their organizations through local phone lines and custom email addresses, and providing time zone coverage based on their locations.

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We groom prospective candidates for recruitment through various strategies, such as:

  • Resume formatting by highlighting the required and crafting attractive, job-specific resumes
  • Job briefing and debriefing
  • Initiating a series of client-specific interviews for the candidates
  • Job-specific exposure and training
  • Screening for interviews
  • Negotiating for pay-rates

Our contract-based on-demand services allow us to tailor our solutions to short- or long-term hiring needs without requiring long-term commitments from our clients. We are prepared to help you smoothly scale hiring up and down during high- and low-volume periods while saving time, saving resources, and saving hassle. Combining the expertise and personal touch of our experts with modern technology that only gets smarter over time allows us an unmatched ability to elevate your recruitment strategy and make your concerns about cost, quality, and scalability a thing of the past.

VMS Recruiting


In the modern rush hour, convenience and swiftness are of utmost importance. Our VMS recruiting service caters to this necessity wherein recruiters use powerful search tools and data-driven insights to identify credible, high-performing candidates over various job boards, job postings, the internal database, and other recruiting sources. Next, our team thoroughly screens these candidates to check their availability, searches, interests, and opportunities to further negotiate terms. Finally, Vanator submit the candidates directly to the end-client VMS. This is quick, resourceful and extremely efficient, which leads directly to saving time, effort, and money while receiving only validated and authenticated candidates, referred to as “qualified submissions” in our industry.

Training Academy


It’s ironic how any recruitment business looking to grow finds it extremely difficult to find good recruiters themselves. You may have the manpower, but it might not be efficient enough or resource-sufficient to serve your purpose. Vanator offers quality training through its training-academy, to recruiters who work for our clients. Training-Academy provides, In-depth knowledge of the recruitment industry and skill development to execute processes are focus areas. Recruiters receive intense training from expert trainers and are taught every aspect of this field. From sourcing to screening and selection to grooming, these trainees learn from the very best of the industry.