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Artificial Intelligence Meets Emotional Intelligence

Vanator is one of the first providers of AI-based recruitment services.

Complementing the capabilities of our expert sourcers, recruiters, job search agents, and business development managers with an AI platform allows us an unmatched ability to increase the efficiency and reduce the costs of your recruiting team.

Two-thirds of recruiters identify finding the right talent as their top challenge.

This is no surprise given the widening skills gap in a tight labor market, which has reached a tipping point with more open jobs than people to fill them. It is clear that there has never been a more difficult time to be a recruiter. Fortunately, progressive technology such as AI is helping streamline traditional processes in many fields, including ours. However, this technology is certainly not a replacement for human effort and decision-making when it comes to recruiting. Rather, it is meant to work in conjunction with human processes, allowing us to heighten our capabilities and enhance our output. We are firm believers that the best decisions can only be made by combining great data with great human intuition and experience. By intelligently improving and automating certain parts of the sourcing and screening process, we obtain the freedom to concentrate more of our time and effort on the parts that matter most: candidate outreach and engagement, which happens to be recruiters’ second-largest challenge.

Vanator harnesses AI recruiting technology to deliver best-in-class service.

We use a system that incorporates big data, machine learning and pattern recognition to identify high-quality candidates faster and more completely. It is able to source profiles from around the globe and from every available recruiting source – job boards, our internal database, professional websites, social databases and more. AI ranks the profiles automatically, minimizing human bias and allowing us to more effectively bring you qualified and interested candidates, reducing time-to-fill and increasing quality-of-hire. It provides our recruiters the freedom to focus more on engaging with candidates, and even gathers insights about their personalities and workplace experiences to assist with that process. The platform continuously learns from our recruiters’ successes and helps us optimize our processes to get better at discovering the right talent for you.

Most professionals in our industry agree that utilizing AI is a wise business decision, and more and more expect to adopt it into their business model in the future.

However, half of global staffing and recruitment firms rank embracing the digital transformation as their biggest operational hurdle. Also, reports of industry trends indicate that three out of four recruiters lack confidence in their ability to leverage AI tools. This surprisingly low confidence-level amongst end-users truly reveals the importance of onboarding and training that many companies neglect even after making significant financial investments in advanced technology. For those who may not be ready to fully commit to incorporating AI-powered tools into their business model, Vanator provides a way to acquire the benefits of this technology while also receiving the management, training, infrastructure, and overhead cost-savings associated with the RPO model.